Mrs. Stotz - Math Teacher

  • 8th Grade Math

    Mrs. Stotz


    Contact information:

    (716) 937 - 9116 ext. 2347 (for voice mail)

    Information for Math Class

    We will be using One Note Class Notebook for ALL assignments, notes, links, and communication.

    Please, Please, Please, Please, do NOT use Schoology for Math. 

    Each day, at home or in school, students should take their attendance using this attendance form:

    Math 8 Attendance Form




    At-Home Assignments


    Students who are learning from home will have assigments posted on their Weekly Agenda in their One Note Class Notebook. 

    Assigments generally have an Exit Ticket using Microsoft Forms. I will only know if you viewed the videos and the Sway if you complete the Form.

    Assignments using Desmos save each screen as you go through the lesson.

    Specific information about daily learning may be found on the Team 8 webpage.

    Team 8 Site



    There is no nightly homework for math.

    There will be a weekly sheet each week. 

    Weekly sheets alternate between 5 multiple choice questions one week to 2 open response questions the following week. 

    Weekly sheets are worth 10 points: 5 points for completion & 5 points for accuracy.

    Weekly sheets can be submitted TWO times. The highest score will be recorded. 

    There will be time to ask questions in class on weekly sheets. 



    Grades are based on total points earned. 

    There is no penalty for late work and all late work will be accepted until grades close. 

    There is no extra credit. Why not?

    • Many at-home grades are full-credit for completion.
    • Weekly sheets can be corrected to raise your score.
    • Other graded assignments allow for a second try for a higher score. 

    Please remember that grades are not updated instantly on Power School. 





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