• ELA 7 * Mr. Burkhardt and Mrs. Renaud * 2023-24

    1. The only supply needed for this class is a charged computer. Please encourage your child to charge it at home each night. They should also close all tabs and shut their computer down at night to keep up with needed updates. Chargers also need to come to school with computers.

    2. See the Team 7 web page for a snapshot of weekly class activities:

    (District Home Page > Schools > Middle School > Teacher Sites > Team 7)

    3. See PowerSchool for student grades:

    (District Home Page > PowerSchool Parent/Student)

    4. Schoology will be our online classroom. Students will have access to daily work there, even when home, and are expected to keep up if they are able.  

    5. Microsoft OneNote will be our class notebook. Most writing will take place there.

    6. Late work will be accepted for partial credit.

    7. Corrections are encouraged on every assignment and can be completed any time during the marking period the original work was assigned. Students can receive half of their points back and are welcome to correct assignments as many times as they’d like. They need to email me when they make up work or do corrections so I can adjust their grade.

    8. Plagiarism is when someone takes credit for words or ideas that are not their own. It will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade for the assignment.

    9. We will go to the middle school library each month. There students will check out books. Homework for this class will be to always have a book that they are reading. This reading doesn’t have to happen daily, but it should happen regularly. Periodic reading checks will be given.

    10. Email is the best way to reach me. My address is rburkhardt@aldenschools.org.

    I look forward to working with you and your child this year!