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     Mrs. McMullen teaches English Language Arts (ELA) classes 1st and 2nd periods.
    Mrs. McMullen teaches Reading classes 6th, 7th, & 9th periods.
    Some students have Mrs. McMullen for both ELA & Reading classes, others have Mrs. Stoldt for ELA and Mrs. McMullen for Reading.
    Students are required to bring their agendas to each class and to complete it daily.  Parents are expected to review their child's agenda and initial it daily where indicated.  Agendas will be checked periodically in homeroom.  Students with completed agendas will be rewarded with extra credit slips which may be used to improve their grades in their core classes (Math, Social Studies, Science, ELA, and Reading). 
    Supplies:   sharpened pencils & erasers daily, 2-pocket red folder daily, school-supplied agenda daily, school-supplied take-home folders daily, 3-ring binder with 5 tabs daily.  Scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils as needed.  
    Tabs in 3-ring binders are organized in the following manner:
    Tab 1--Grammar Rules
    Tab 2--Spelling
    Tab 3--SCOPE Refereneces
    Tab 4--Reading References
    Tab 5--Vocabulary Words
    The 2-pocket folder is intended for students to organize all assignments for each quarter, ELA on the left, Reading on the right.  Students should compare the grade on their papers to the reported grade on the district's computer grade reporting program (parent/student portal) throughout the marking period.  At the end of each 10 week marking period, red folders should be emptied out and the new materials for the entire next quarter should be kept and verified with the online grading program.  
    Parents and students should be checking their grades on the district's grading program in all classes regularly; if not daily then several times each week.  Clicking on individual grades will bring up any additional comments relevent to assignments, missing work, opportunities for improvement, and deadlines.
    Students should not have more than a DOZEN papers in their take-home folder at any time.  Take home folders are not intended for long-term storage of materials.  When students become disorganized their grades tend to fall dramatically.  Parents are asked to keep a close eye on their child's take-home folder to ensure it is emptied regularly.
    Final Exams:  The final exam will consist of 4 components:  spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing (extended response essay).   ELA & Reading class final exams are combined into one exam, therefore, the grade received will be recorded as the final exam grade in each class.  Spelling words & vocabulary words from the entire year, beginning the first week of classes in September, will appear on the final exam.  
    With obvious exceptions for students who have particular motor difficulties or who are exempt under specific circumstances as defined by the  NYS Department of Education, spelling is the only component of the 6th grade curriculum the ELA teachers require to be completed exclusively in cursive.  Students will accumulate around 50 spelling words throughout the year, all of which will be on the final exam, so learning these words should not pose an undue challenge to students.
     With obvious exceptions for students with speci
     FInal exams:  

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