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    Welcome to Mrs. Oar's Speech and Language teacher page!!  I service students with speech and language needs in the High School & Middle School.  

    I welcome parental involvement and input.  Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or just to get an update on your child's progress.  Best wishes to you and your family for an exciting, rewarding, and healthy year!!

    *** Please read 

    Dear parents, guardians & students, 

    There are many ways you can practice your speech, language, and communication skills at home. Please use the tabs on the left for links to apps, web-sites, and game suggestions. While you are home, I hope you relax, have fun with your families, and continue to keep your brains active by reading, playing games, doing crafts and cooking, and talking with your family and friends.  Please keep a look out in your school email for an email from me.  I will be sending you the link to Scholastic Action where you can continue to read or listen to the great articles we read and discuss in speech groups, as well as an invitation to join my class on Vocabulary.com. 

     Students, I will miss you and can’t wait to see you when school opens again! Parents/guardians, please feel free to email me at moar@aldenschools.org for more individualized suggestions.  


    Mrs. Oar 

    Speech Language Pathologist 


    **** Please see tabs on the left for links to speech and language practice activities you can do while at home. Please contact me by email, moar@aldenschools.org, with any questions, concerns or more individualized suggestions. 



    Looking for ideas to work on speech and language skills at home in a fun way??  Here are some ideas for games and toys that are fun and educational!!  Take a look at these ideas for language and literacy based games… 

    Early Learning 

            Chutes and Ladders     

            Hi Ho Cheery Oh 

            Candy Land 



            Don’t Break the Ice 


            LeapFrog –Fridge Phonics 

             LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics and Numbers 

             SuperWhy ABC Letter Game 

             I Spy Preschool Game 

             Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game 

             Richard Scarry Busytown Game 



    School Age: 

            Clue Jr 

            Scrabble Jr 


            Monopoly Jr 




            Apples to Apples Jr 

           Taboo Jr 


           Scattergories Jr 




           Ourburst Jr 

           Cranium games 

           Trivia Pursuit Jr 

           Guess Who 


           Guess Who I am 

           Buzz Word Jr 





    Tweens –Adults 


            Apples to Apples 

            Catch Phrase 







            Cranium games 

            Trivial Pursuit 



            iMAgiNiff Game 





            Name 5 Game 

    -     That's it! 

     - Buzz Word 

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