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    ¡Bienvenidos a Español!
    I love to teach Spanish,
    and I hope you enjoy learning it too!


    Notes, classwork, homework and assignments will be in both Schoology and OneNote.  


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    7th Grade:
    This year we will be learning about the geography of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as five specific cultures and countries: Spain, Puerto Rico, Texas, Costa Rica and Chile.
    Our first chapter is the basics and you will learn the alphabet and spelling, numbers which lead to time and calendar.  We will greet each other and introduce ourselves in Spanish.  Then we will learn how to describe ourselves and others, tell about our hobbies and activities, and talk about the weather and seasons.  We will then talk about school places, classes and activities. Finally, we will talk about our families, houses and chores.  You will have a large amount of Spanish by the end of your first year! 
    8th Grade:
    This year we will be learning about five cultures / countries: 
    Mexico, Argentina, Florida, the Dominican Republic, Peru.   
    Most importantly - by the end of this year you will be able to speak
    to each other in Spanish on a variety of topics including: 
    food, meal taking, restaurants, healthy eating, illness and body parts, shopping and stores, cultural celebrations, transportation and travel. 



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