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    Academic Intervention Services/ RTI  

      A goal at Alden Primary is to prepare young students to do their very best. The purpose of Academic Intervention Services (AIS) is to provide students who may be at risk of not reaching grade level expectations. By working in conjunction with classroom teachers at each grade level, the academic intervention teachers help the "at-risk" students to develop the skills they need to achieve and succeed in the classroom. 
       Students work in small groups with a provider to address their individual needs for a designated time each day.  While students are away from their classrooms for AIS, no new material is taught in their absence.  Academic Intervention Services are provided for reading support as well as for support in mathematics.
       If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the following me during school hours.

    Alden Primary School: 937-9116
    Mrs. Ball  ext. 6120