Seven days without EXERCISE makes one weak!

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    Physical Education Schedule for Mr. Stone
    If you are not sure if your child has P.E. today look for your child's teachers.  Then see what day (A,B,C,D,E or F) your teacher has P.E. Then check the school calender as to what day it is.  For example, September 8th is a C-Day. Just click on my calendar on the left side of my web page.  This is where you will see what day of the week it is. 

                       Kindergarten                                        First  Grade                                

                       Mrs. Bowman (A-C-E)                           Mrs. Greiner (B-C-D)                

                       Mrs. Scimia (A-C-E)                              Miss. Occhipinti (B-D-F)              

                          Miss. Pletscher (A-C-E)                          Mrs. Remeck (B-D-F)       

                       Mrs. Speranza  (A-C-E)                          Mrs. Retzlaff (B-D-F)                 

                       Mrs. Yates (A-C-E)                                 Mrs. Stoltman (B-D-F)                    

                       Mrs. Wilson (A-C-E)

                       Mrs. Wierchowski (A-C-E)