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    Hello my friends! 

    I miss you!  My favorite times of the week are when I get to see you for a class Zoom.  Please join us at 11AM on Monday and 10AM on Friday!

    We may not be coming back to our school building, but we are still learning online.  We are in this together!  Keep sending me pictures for this website too.

  • HOME STUDY INFORMATION: Our Primary School Website has everything you need to learn!  We have videos of lessons (staring your favorite 2nd grade team).  there are links to practice pages.  We even have LIVE meeting times for questions or extra help!  Don't forget to look at the link from our Specials (Art, PE, & Music) as well as the related services pages for any speech help.  THANK YOU for all that parents and children are doing at home. 

    I've added pictures of us learning and having fun on the Slideshow page (see the page list on the left).  Parents can email a picture of ways you are learning or having fun at home, and I'll add it to the photo gallery that is below on this page.  

    For now, here are some sites you love:

     Raz Kids   http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login/reset/student

    Epic https://www.getepic.com/  Use our class code: wqi8579

    BrainPop Jr.  https://jr.brainpop.com/  Username= AldenPop  Password= BrainPop

    Greg Tang Math https://www.gregtangmath.com/

    Here's a Science site I've shown and now families can access it too! Enjoy, My Young Scientists!


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