• Alden Bulldogs Alden Central School Covid-19 Spectator GuidelinesAlden Bulldogs

    Updated February 23, 2021

    Starting Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Section VI has voted to allow HOME spectators at athletic events.

    Number of spectators permitted:

    • Only home spectators are allowed.
    • Two spectators per athlete at HOME basketball and swimming contests.
    • One spectator per athlete at HOME rifle contests.
    • One spectator per athlete at ALL ice hockey contests.
    • Spectators at off-campus locations (bowling and ice hockey) are subject to the rules and guidance of those sites. If those facilities do not allow spectators, the site's rules supercede these guidelines. 


    Gameday protocols for spectators:

    • Masks must be worn at all times.
    • Socially distance 6' from non-household spectators.
    • Please arrive close to game time. Spectators will not be allowed to enter the gym until those from the previous game have exited. 
    • Spectators from one team (in a double-header) will use one-half the bleachers. Spectators from the second game will use the opposite half. 
    • When entering the building, you certify that you can answer no to all of the questions on the ACS health screening assurance regarding your own health.
    • Many home contests will still be streamed via the normal channels.