Welcome to the Alden Athletic Department's web page. The department is proud of its long history of excellence. 

If you are trying to register your child for winter sports, please click the link at the top of the column to the right. 

Winter sports update (12/8/20) - Section VI, on 12/8/20, voted to postpone the start of low-risk sports (swimming, bowling, rifle) to January 4th. 

Previously, NYSPHSAA announced that basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, and ice hockey (all catagorized as high risk) would not begin until, at earliest, January 4th. 

Registration for basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and ice hockey have been suspended for the time being but will be reopened in December. Registration for swimming, bowling, and rifle are still open. 

Modified swimming update (12/7/20) - Unfortunately, Alden will not have a modified swim season this year. It is with great disappointment that we share this news. Going back to last year, we anticipated the scheduled natatorium construction that is now well underway. We had an arrangement in place with a neighboring district to host our modified swimmers. That district informed us several weeks ago that, due to the pandemic, it was no longer feasible to host our modified swim team. Options at other neighboring schools were explored but, ultimately, found to be not available. 

We regret not having this opportunity for our 7th and 8th grade swimmers. Thank you for your understanding in this most unusual of circumstances.

Athletics are a vital part of the entire educational process. Athletic programs teach student-athletes values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, respect, and cooperation. It is our hope that these values learned in Alden's Athletic Program stay with our athletes for life. The goal of this athletic web page is to improve communication among all stakeholders of the Alden Athletic Program.
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If you have questions, please contact our office by phone or email.
Athletic Secretary

Jody Okonczak
(716) 937-9116, 4199

Co-Athletic Director                       
Sandy Gauthier                  
(716) 937-9116, 4147


Co-Athletic Director                       
Ken Partell                  
(716) 937-9116, 4148



This procedure is to be used for all teams (Modified, Freshmen, JV and Varsity.)
The goal is to give the student-athletes, parents and coaches a way to resolve concerns positively and timely.
Procedure will be:
1. The student-athlete’s first contact should be to the coach.
2. If unresolved, the parent/guardian should contact the coach.
3. If concern remains unresolved, the student-athlete or parent/guardian should contact the Athletic Director.
4. If you have not resolved your concern, the parent/guardian should contact their child’s building administrator.

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