Coaching Certification

  • Non-Teacher Coaching Certification Process

     Teach Instructions

    Individuals who do not hold a valid NYS teaching certification and are interested in becoming a coach, whether it is a head, assistant, or a volunteer coach, must obtain a coaching license through the New York State Education Department.  The following information details the process that must be followed in order to obtain a coaching license. 

    In order to be approved by the Alden CSD Board of Education, a license must have been issued by the NYSED.  An individual may not perform the duties of a coach until this requirement has been met. 


    • You must have an offer of employment to be issued a license.

    • Each sport requires a separate license approval.

    • There may be a fee associated with several steps of the process. 


    There are 6 steps to take in order to complete the licensing process.

    Step 1:  Create an account with the NYSED TEACH System

      The following link will take you through a step by step tutorial on setting up this account.


      This account will allow you to track your progress as you complete the licensing steps.  You will also apply for fingerprinting and your license at a later step using this account.

    Step 2:   Complete the following workshops.

      1.  Violence workshop


    1. Child Abuse Identification workshop

    Step 3:  Complete the Fingerprinting Process



    The following link will provide you with detailed information about this process offered by Erie 1 BOCES.


    Step 4:  Attend a DASA Training course.  (Dignity for All Students Act)

    The following link offers a list of several providers of this 6 hour course. 


    Step 5:  Complete an approved CPR/AED and First Aid Training Course.

    Important:  Not all certification courses are accepted by the NYSED.  Please contact the Erie 1 BOCES certification office or the athletic director to find out if your course qualifies.  This must be done every 2-3 years.

    Step 6:  Apply for your Coaching License

              Using you TEACH account, apply for your license.  This is done on a yearly basis.  The link below gives you a detailed tutorial on completing this process. 



    Important:  After accomplishing these 6 initial steps, three coaching courses must be completed in a specific time frame to obtain your professional license.  One course must be completed within 3 years and the remaining two must be completed within 5 years of your initial appointment as a coach.  Contact the athletic office for further information regarding these courses.

    If any questions arise during this process, please call the Alden Athletic Department at (716) 937-9116 x4199.