Athletic Director's Corner

  • Alden strives for the best in athletics and academics. Information on this page is intended to educate and enhance our athletics program as a whole.

    We are excited to begin our new adventure as Co-Athletic Directors at Alden Central School. Mrs. Gauthier has been teaching middle school science at Alden for 20 years and is also the JV softball coach.  She also has been involved with EMW Baseball/Softball for just as long. Mr. Partell is an Alden graduate who has taught middle school social studies for 16 years. He has coached football at Alden for 15 years and varsity track and field for 12 years.



    The following books are excellent reads for athletes as well as parents.


    The book features:

    • A True Story about George Boiardi, his Team and their Legacy.
    • 21 Lessons to be a Great Teammate
    • Insights from George’s Teammates and Coaches that Bring the Lessons to Life.
    • 21 Exercises to help you Build a Great Team 

    Infused with practical insights and life changing lessons, The Hard Hat will inspire you to be the best teammate you can be and to build a great team.




    The Energy Bus, an international best seller by Jon Gordon, takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment - at work and at home. Jon infuses this engaging story with keen insights as he provides a powerful roadmap to overcome adversity and bring out the best in yourself and your team. When you get on The Energy Bus you’ll enjoy the ride of your life!

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