Mrs. Stotz - Math Coach

  •  Heather Stotz

    Math Coach 

    Alden Central Schools

    (716) 937 - 9116 ext. 2151

    Math in Focus Information


    Math in Focus is an authentic Singapore Math® curriculum—which focuses on problem solving, deep understanding, and model drawing to solve and justify problems. Math In Focus will teach your children both how and why math works.

    Key Features of Math in Focus 

    1. A focused and coherent syllabus. Math in Focus introduces fewer topics in each grade, but teaches them to greater depth.
    2. A visual and balanced approach. Math in Focus follows a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression.
    3. A focus on numbers and operations. The program is designed to help students develop and maintain strong number sense.
    4. An emphasis on problem solving using model-drawing. Math in Focus utilizes model-drawing strategies that help students solve both routine and non-routine problems.
    5. A recognition of the importance of attitudes and metacognition. Math in Focus provides students with the tools they need to break down complex concepts and problems, which develops positive attitudes.






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