Coaching Courses for Certification

In order to gain your coaching certification, you must complete the required coaching courses. You have to choose between the below two "paths." Once you make your choice, you must follow through with that option to the end. 

OPTION 1 - BOCES Coaching Courses: The courses through BOCES are classroom courses and cost $200 each.  

NOTE: If you are a phys ed certified teacher, you do not have to take the coaching courses. 


OPTION 2 - Second Pathway Coaching Courses: As of 2015, you can also take the Second Pathway alternative online through the NFHS website. The courses through the NFHS are completed online and vary in cost per course. You have to take several shorter courses to equate to the longer BOCES classroom course.


In order to complete the “second pathway” standard to replace the sport-specific intership requirement, complete the following after discussing with the AD:

  • Coaching Internship: 30 hour minimum (can be from an assistant or head coaching position)

  • Internship evaluation form (completed by athletic director)

  • Written coaching plans submitted for athletic director review. The requirement is to show how your plans develop as the season goes along. Please includes plans for:

  • Daily practices (one for each – early-season, mid-season, late-season)

  • Weekly schedule (one for each – early-season, mid-season, late-season)

  • Season plan

  • Off-season plan