**The Family Center does not endorse any organizations or individuals outside of the Alden Central School District. These resources are for informational purposes and should be pursued based on the consumer's own criteria.

Educational Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Positive Parenting. Thriving Kids Project

This series of 20 videos features more than 150 caregivers, kids, and experts talking about some of the most pressing, confusing, and challenging questions that parents face. 

Like you, we want to help boost your kids’ resilience and well-being, so this series covers a wide range of topics, including schoolwork, technology, and difficult situations such as death and grief. 

For each topic, you’ll also find a downloadable learning guide with tips, tools, and suggestions for additional evidence-based resources and programs that may help you and your family. 

Parent Network of Western New York - Online Learning Opportunities

We offer a wide variety of topics regarding Behavior, Transition, Special Education and OPWDD Services.  Parent Network of WNY frequently updates our selection of courses!  All courses are free of charge and once completed, a certificate of completion is available for download.

Upcoming Free Mental Health Webinars and Courses

All webinars are free to attend. By registering, you will receive a recording and resource list via email following each session.

McLean Hosptial: Mindful Things

McLean Hospital: Mindful Things – Explores mental health through frank, in-dept, personal and sometimes difficult conversations about the many things that affect our mental well-being.