Concussion Management

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Guidelines have been set forth by the NYSPHSAA regarding concussion management.  See link below to review the guidelines.  The Student Parent Concussion Information Sheet is the document we have attached to the athletic contract signature pages that parents must sign prior to the start of each athletic season.

 NYSPHSAA Concussion Management

 Fact Sheet on Concussions/Traumatic Brain Injuries from a CDC Report to Congress

Concussion Management Plan

Alden Central School Athletics

 Concussion Management Team: The people in these positions will meet routinely to review and update the athletic program's protocol to help ensure proper care of student-athletes who suffer a suspected concussion.

  • Athletic Director(s)

  • HS Nurse

  • ATC (Athletic Trainer)

Concussion Management Protocol: To ensure an appropriate and timely response, and adherence to best and required practices, the ACS athletic program follows these steps regarding concussion-care.

  • Prior to participation:

    • All coaches, as per NYSED guidelines, have taken an online concussion management course at least once every two years.

    • ATC completes baseline diagnostic testing on all student-athletes at least once every two years using Impact program.

  • If a student-athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion:

    • COACH: The athlete’s coach should evaluate symptoms and hold the athlete out of play if there are concussion indicators. The coach should speak to the athlete’s parents and submit an incident report promptly to the athletic director.

    • ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: AD reviews incident reports to ensure proper contacts have been made. AD submits reports to the appropriate building nurse.

    • NURSE: Nurse reviews the incident report, sends a copy to the Business Administrator, and keeps a copy of the file, ultimately in the student-athlete’s record. The nurse will communicate with the student-athlete’s parents to review medical interventions regarding the suspected concussion thus far. Orders from the doctor’s office regarding any necessary accommodations or restrictions will be communicated to staff (coaches, teachers, administrators) as appropriate.

    • STUDENT’S DOCTOR: Doctor’s expertise suggests when return-to-play protocol may begin. Written documentation must state student-athlete’s restrictions and needed accommodations.

    • ATHLETIC TRAINER: Once released by their doctor, Alden’s ATC will coordinate and supervise the student-athlete’s return-to-play protocol according to the process defined by NYSED.