Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the Board and acts as its executive officer in administering their policies in the operation of the schools.  He or she also acts as advisor in keeping the Board informed of the needs and progress of the schools.  The Superintendent of Schools is available to the Board as a professional resource, and his or her recommendations normally precede Board action on questions relating to recruitment and supervision of professional staff, selection of textbooks and instructional materials, and development of curriculum.

An additional note: The Board’s function is decision making.  It wants to hear the sentiments of the public to assist in making those decisions.  If a resident has a question about the operation of the schools, he or she is encouraged to contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation.  Experience has shown that this is the best procedure.   The questioner gets a more direct response; while the Board is better able to consider more substantive matters.