Modified Co-Ed Swimming


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Alden Athletics is committed to promoting sportsmanship on and off the field.  It is expected that fans will respect the players, coaches, and officials on the playing surface, as well as the visiting spectators, and the faculty working the game.

Sportsmanship Pledge

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches.  We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting, or baiting of opponents. If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately.  We have been instructed not to issue warnings.  Let today’s contest reflect mutual respect.

~Special Thanks to Alden Central School Administration~

Superintendent: Adam Stoltman
High School Principal: Kevin Ryan
High School Assistant Principal: Bill MacCowan
Athletic Directors: Sandy Gauthier & Ken Partell
The Board of Education for their Continued Support

Alden Athletic Sportsman’s Pledge

Welcome to Alden High School. Where sportsmanship is an expectation. So, please. Let the players play. Let the cheerleaders cheer. Let the officials officiate. Let the spectators be positive.

Failure to comply with the stated expectations and guidelines set forth for spectators according to the BOE policy, the student code of conduct, the athletic handbook, and the sportsmanship pledge will result in removal from the athletic contest and possible further consequences.  ~ Thank you, Alden Administration