Wall of Fame Criteria & Forms

Image of a bulldog with a blue collar on a white background.  With water mark reads "Alden Bulldogs Athletics".

Athlete Criteria                                                                            

  1. Minimum of six (6) years out of Alden High School.

  2. Distinguished himself/herself in athletics/sportsmanship/citizenship at Alden Central.   

  3.  Further Consideration:  *Distinguished himself/herself in athletics during a collegiate/professional career, has been a contributing citizen.  Through his/her professional career, she/he has been a contributing

Honorary member       

An Honorary Member is one who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to and support of the school and who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the school's interscholastic athletic and/or intramural program. 


Contributed to the Alden Central Interscholastic/Athletic and/or Intramural program as a coach, administrator, contributor, and through his/her professional career, has been a contributing citizen.

Nomination and Candidate Information and Forms

Thank you for taking the time to nominate our distinguished athletic alumni.  Please review the criteria above for Wall of Fame induction.  Wall of Fame induction takes place every other year. The committee begins to meet in March to discuss that year's inductees. The we will be back in 2024.

Information and details will be helpful to the committee. Please provide details on your nomination form and, if possible, direct the nominee to fill out the candidate information form.  Once nominated, the candidates' information remains on file and can be reviewed each year by the committee.

The induction committee consists of long-standing teachers, former players, and coaches that have been associated with Alden Athletics.  

Please fill in the nomination form.  If you are comfortable, please have your nominee fill in the Candidate information form and mail or email it back to Sandra Gauthier

Congratulations on being nominated for the Athletic Wall of Fame.  To help the committee make an educated decision on your possible induction to the Wall of Fame please feel out the following form.

Please fill out the information found on this page to provide the selection committee with additional information.